Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Huge Tarp

My 10 x 12 tarp is huge. Its very versatile and weighs only 21 ounces. The pitches below use trees as the main support, and 4 stakes. In high winds, more stakes would provide better protection and stability.

This pitch is so basic and offers a great deal of room for two people. Of course, you'd want a ground cloth inside so the sleeping pad and sleeping bag wouldn't pick up any moisture. I like a black tarp because its not transparent like other silnylon colors are. Studies have shown that it actually provides better shade for this very reason.

This pitch is great for base camping. The height is 6 feet. It could be pitched above a picnic table or hammock.

There's always been a debate what is the optimal size for a flat tarp. Some swear by the square tarp, either 8 x 8 , 9 x 9 or 10 x 10. I made this tarp this size so that tarp-tent structures could also be used where the floor is actually part of the canopy, so that a ground cloth would not be needed.

Stay tuned for those pitches to be posted tomorrow.

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