Thursday, September 23, 2010

All Things End

They're telling us the recession ended last June, in 2009.
Not a soul I've talked to in my travels agrees with this assessment by the "experts".
As we look back on this recession, the one still in progress, we see that the experts didn't even recognize it was in progress for nearly a year. We knew something was up when art quit selling, jobs were unavailable, foreclosures snowballing across the country.

Seems they are telling us it started in December of 2007. Oh, so that would make it while the Republicans were in office.
Now, they tell us it actually ended while the Democrats had control.

Tell me this is not politically motivated. That would mean, come this November, we could vote with confidence for the party that solved this economic crisis?

But enough politics.
I visited my girlfriends today up at the art center in Tallulah Falls. I hadn't seen them in two years. My Yellowstone and Zion adventures sort of took up the time.
But, it was fun and as girlfriends do, we caught up on gossip, projects, stories, t-v reviews and food exchanges. The gallery is closing end of this year. Its sad because for years it was a non profit center to support and encourage Georgia Artists. I spent many a Thursday there working on my mica projects, hiking the gorge, doing some plein air art sketches and paintings.
All things end.
As we look to our futures, some will get a "real job" if one is available. Some will reduce expenditures ,if that is possible, to get by. Some will move to another location where they rent the space by the square foot. Some will sell personal possessions they hardly ever used for next to nothing.
All things end. A bitter sweet time of reflection and promises to stay in touch.

If this recession were over a year already, wouldn't somebody, a real person, notice?

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