Sunday, September 5, 2010

In A Class By Themselves

I'm in a class of one: a self taught Culinary Arts Project.

My text book, On Cooking-Techniques from Expert Chefs second edition, by Sarah R. Labensky and Alan M. Hause is 1079 pages of delightful information. Its six pounds of highlight-able glossy pages.

For a long time cook, baker and etcetera, it has tons of information and makes sense . I can see a person new to the kitchen scene being a bit overwhelmed, but its a great reference too. It doesn't have to be read all at once.
I found this wonderful book at
You can put your subject in the search engine there, then read the reviews posted by others who have bought the book you have in mind.
Many culinary students said this text was the one they were using in their classes at their universities. Chefs reported they found it a great resource.
Foodies said they learned a great deal and wouldn't be without it.

My total investment was $6.88. I've assigned myself 5 pages a day, to be read, explored, and practiced whenever possible.

Sometimes this type of undertaking is called Independent Study. Take a topic you love and dive in. See where it takes you. On trail, at home, on the job, its all good.

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