Saturday, September 10, 2011

127 Hours- A Movie Review

I just finished watching the gripping saga of a young man who goes hiking in Canyonlands alone and after 5 days cuts off his own arm which had been totally trapped by a rock.

The accident and events leading to this drama are very well photographed. Its very believable, as well it should be, the guy has lived to tell about it.

We learn many lessons from watching this movie such as always leave your itinerary with a friend, carry a sharp knife, its good to go with a buddy whenever possible.
This sort of vicarious learning is long lasting. Its not preachy, the guy is very likable, we never feel he "got what he deserved".

He has water for his day hike gone wrong. After becoming trapped, he sparingly drinks, savoring each swallow. He attempts self rescue by emptying his pack and evaluating options. He uses his abundant climbing gear to rig a harness to facilitate sleeping, to wrap himself in against the cold nights in the desert, and to create a tourniquet.

Watch it, enjoy it, and be prepared for gut wrenching scenes when the arm is being amputated. Very realistic.
In the end we are told the long term outcomes. Spoiler: they are good.

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