Friday, September 23, 2011

Bandits-A Movie Review

I just finished watching a terrific movie with Billy Bob Thornton and Bruce Willis,
called Bandits.
Its a 2001 movie, and I'm surprised I hadn't seen it already. The writing is funny, the plot somewhat zany yet believable, the ending a nice twist and satisfying.
There are some great songs embedded into the scenes, and a beautiful woman. The rationale for robbing banks is that the money they steel is insured by the government and the government steels from the people, so they are just taking it back.

Billy Bob does an excellent job as the brains, albeit, hypochondriac of the team. Bruce of course it the muscle, and a smooth romancer as well. Our leading lady get wined and dined, a love story.

They have a dream for Paradise in Mexico. We see this is definitely before all hell had broken out south of our border. I wonder if that movie would have much appeal these days with the gang stuff going on down there, all the murders.

This is a movie I would like to buy, which is saying a lot.

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