Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Update from the Homestead

I haven't written in awhile because I'm furiously working on the second book in the trilogy End of Days.
The first of this series is available via Kindle. In this book, we have a long journey underway, some dangerous encounters with wildlife, and assimilation into a vastly different culture.

This actually happens while on a long distance hiking trail and I can feel for our heroine. Yet, she has a lot of secrets and issues, and finds herself changing in unexpected ways. Who doesn't?

Life goes on around me, though, the colors are beginning to change. The fall weather always reminds me of campfires and cold frosty mornings where kids burst from the tent and run to the fire, ready to receive their mug of hot chocolate.

I loved taking the kids camping at Starved Rock, Illinois, so named because back in the mid 1700s a band of Indians took refuge atop the rock, surrounded by  a rival band determined to slaughter them all in retribution. During their ordeal, the natives lowered buckets to attempt water collection, but that failed as their nemesis cut the ropes.
Later, french traders traveled the nearby trails, saw the buzzards circle and decided to investigate. They found all the bodies, and discovered what happened, recording this story at the nearby fort.
Turns out the whole warfare began when some lusty braves killed the chief of the rival band.

The moral of this true story is not to start something you can't finish, or perhaps a little tolerance goes a long ways.

Hope you enjoy the autumn.

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