Monday, September 19, 2011

Breaking Bad-AMC TV Series Review

I picked up the July issue of Time from this year and read a three page review on this series which is actually beginning its fourth season.

An unlikely scenario, the hero finds he has terminal lung cancer and works as a chemistry teacher. Without sufficient money for his surviving family and treatment, he goes into meth cooking which would normally cause us to hate him, a drug dealer. But, think Weeds and Dexter and you may find yourself curious like I was.

On Netflix the first three seasons are available and as I watch episode two of season one, I am committed to watching it all.
We find a gentleman who has turned 50 who partners with a previous student due to unsavory circumstances. The student has graduated and very hip, it feels real. The teacher loves chemistry, this is obvious. His compulsion for neatness and perfection and novel ways of solving problems are well done. As he learns about weapons, and the hard core characters that interact in this business, I can't help rooting for him.

My first take away here is not to judge a book by its cover, and that you never know where your skill set will lead you , or what the desperation you may encounter will drive you to do.

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