Saturday, September 17, 2011

If You Move it They Will Come

My boyfriend has four trail cameras. They can be set to photo or video, timed intervals between first detected movement, and sensitivity.

Anchored to their location by locked cable to metal painted in camouflage motif, most animals totally ignore them while getting their pictures taken. Some amazing bear, fox, coyote, bobcat and hog photos are the result.

A house cat defied reason by hanging out at the Mulch pile camera. I knew something was eating all the watermelon rinds, apple cores and various garden refuse. Nothing likes the broccoli stems. But a house cat? I finally figured he must be stalking the mice and squirrels, but still, I would have thought we'd catch a deer browsing on it.

So, with that lackluster result, my guy moved the camera down trail and farther away from our homestead.

This morning, while checking the draw of my new wood stove, I walked out behind the studio and a huge black bear was caught unawares, running away from me.

Moved the camera, the bear comes near.

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