Monday, August 30, 2010

A Chef's Knife

Today I volunteered at the Habitat For Humanity Thrift store. I'm a big believer in recycling and using what we have here in America, especially before we buy cheap junk from China.

I sorted bins of toys, unpacked and shelved donations, cleaned furniture, and was rewarded by the trail gods with these two magnificent chef knives. True, one is a cleaver, but both had the blade going the length of the handle and had a hefty balanced feel. I asked the price and was told 50 cents each. Plus tax. I love it. I brought them home, cleaned them with oil and steel wool, and my partner sharpened them. I tested them while cooking supper. Perfect!

People sometimes call this karma. What goes around comes around.
On my way home from the thrift store, I stopped at the recycling center to drop off cardboard boxes, broken down from the donations at the thrift store.
Its always good to chat with the elderly gentlemen who work there.
They remember the old days when people used stuff and knew how to make just about everything they needed, including liquor.

Maybe this terrible economy will help us relearn some of the old skills.

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