Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fall Is In The Air

The blossoms have turned to fruit. Tiny grapes on grapevines, tiny acorns in scrub oak trees, gourds on the ground vines.

Its been cloudy many days. Yesterday morning I used my cell phone, but reception was difficult. This morning it sprinkled, and clouds again cover the northern skies.

I'm not sure where all the deer have gone. Only one was foraging on the lawn. I only saw a few on my hike. Soon it will be mating season. Perhaps that is done away from the tourists of Zion.

Its been a good summer, but I'm ready to go home. The ups and downs of living in a National Park make good memories.
It helps me appreciate all there is in the real world. It brings a new perspective to the tourist industry. A person can build skills in their field while meeting interesting people from around the world and enjoying fabulous hikes on days off.

Fall is a time of bringing fruit to maturity. This can be taken both literally and spiritually.
The shorter days, cooler nights remind us that to everything there is a time and season. The fruit matures so animals can feed and gain weight for winter, and new plants will sprout in the spring.

Fall is in the air. Kids are heading back to school. I'm getting ready to enjoy a winter by the fireplace.

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