Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Smoking and Food and Beverage

I've noticed that nearly all food and beverage employees smoke.
It doesn't seem to matter that cigarettes cost a fortune, stinks, and causes cancer. The main concern is getting through the day, the night, the meal service.

Has smoking actually increased? A guy driving in front of me rolled his window down to tip his ashes outside. This used to be cool, I guess. Maybe I'm the one out of touch. The main character in Sex and the City smoked, in spite of her girlfriends encouragement to quit.
We get a lot of bad boy images, images of handsome dudes who smoke.
But listen.
Smoking isn't cool. It stinks. Kissing a smoker stinks. It costs money, pollutes the planet, pollutes the air we breathe. Its optional.

I'm told that it really helps to lower stress. Some people eat to lower stress. That can get out of hand as well. Obesity is on the rise. I read two thirds of Americans are either over weight or obese. Health care costs are rising to meet the demands of an ever sickening society.
What's up with Americans that we have so much stress? Bad economy. Quit spending so much on cigarettes and junk food!
No jobs.
Killing ourselves with cancer and diabetes doesn't solve that either.
I think the answer is in exercise, the free kind that comes with walking and gardening.

Family and friends, enjoying outdoors together, lowering stress naturally.
Cigarettes and overeating is not good for the children, either.
We need sustainable methods that benefit ourselves and the children.

Taking the family camping, teaching love for nature, the simplicity of being and doing, not owning stuff is my recipe for a greener, peaceful life.

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