Sunday, August 22, 2010

No Eggs Needed

Today I tested my new slow-burner soda can stove. The stove is a prototype which weighs just 12 grams (3/8th ounce). My video of the first corn bread and pancakes can be viewed on YouTube
First, I used a corn muffin mix which asked for milk and eggs to be added. I only added just enough water to make a stiff batter. No eggs. It tasted wonderful. The first two tries stuck to the bottom of the pan. My final try worked much better because I took it off the heat and just let it finish with the lid on.
The pancake mix only required water. They tasted fantastic. I can really see using this mix and stove on the trail. After backpacking for a week, one thing I miss is real bread. This is a light weight and very packable option.
I plan on using some dehydrated black beans, and making corn bread to go with it. That would be yummy.
Other possibilities would be pancakes with wild berries, cake, or instant soup with hot bread.
I plan to post as I go.
Nutritional stats for the cornbread mix:
8.5 ounce box
6 servings, each 1/4 cup
calories 150
protein 2 grams
That's 12 grams of protein for this product, 900 calories.

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