Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Networking at the Thrift Store

Town day is an adventure at times. Its a Walmart-Post Office event, coupled with a visit to at least one of the three thrift stores. Sometimes I also stop at the library, check out books for sale, and read the papers.

One thrift store gives away all magazines. I got three Os (Oprah's magazine). One was a 2003, another 2007, and one a 2008. Now, who has kept these Oprah magazines for all these years? I feel like I'm on a history lesson reading what was called bad economic times in 2003.

Well, one thing led to another and I went down to Habitat for Humanity thrift store. They, like every other non profit place, could use some volunteer help. I said, sign me up for one day a week. The manager and I got to talking about saving stuff, recycling, and reusing stuff.
"Just seems silly to buy all this Chinese plastic crap and throw this good stuff in the landfill", I remarked. She looked at me, and replied, "Maybe the Lord sent you to us!"

Now, that kind of talk makes me nervous. She's a baptist. I'm leaning towards reincarnation, Zen and trail gods. Not sure what that makes me.

But we have some important things in common. Save the planet. Reuse, repair, recycle, reclaim all the good stuff in life.

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