Friday, August 20, 2010

Good Memories

I'm going to miss Zion: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The days off were filled with solo adventures. The days working were filled with learning, compromise, and interaction.

I'm glad I took a lot of photos and footage with my little camera. These memories will last forever. As I age and these crazy explorations are a thing of the past, there will be digital record of my travels.

We seek understanding. I hope my family understands why, yet even I don't. The vast western landscape is a glimpse of heaven. Not a mythical heaven that is preached every Sunday, but a literal heaven we can experience now.

The yin and yang is we can also experience hell. Thirst, exhaustion, bewilderment, confusion of directions. Finding the answers brings elation . It is where I feel myself.

After days of driving home to Georgia I wonder that I forgot how beautiful it is here. Its a forest, damp and enclosed with deep green vegetation. Mushrooms have taken the place of cactus. There are black bears instead of mountain lions. Ticks instead of scorpions. Hornets instead of tarantulas. Still have rattlesnakes, foxes and mice.

Always growing, always changing, challenges are the gateway to glory.

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