Sunday, August 29, 2010

Decluttering and Renewal

I read an article yesterday in yahoo news about a woman who had been missing for 4 months. The husband had set up search teams, there were billboards and people looking everywhere for her. Rescue dogs and rescue teams had even searched the house, but according to a spokesperson, the environmental challenges prevented the successful location of said person.

Woman Lost in Clutter

Then, one day her husband sees feet sticking out from under a pile of Stuff.
The Wife! Oh my goodness.
Now, of course the question arises how did she get under the stuff, and then die? Was she searching for something, and it fell on her? Did she collapse from a heart attack, and the stuff fall on her?

Anytime you can lose a person for 4 months in a home its time to declutter.

I'm taking this opportunity to declutter as well. My stuff is very limited: I'm a minimalist. But, this computer has tons of photos and raw video footage that could use some "recycle bin" time.

I'm going to approach it like a person's home that has been turned over for my assistance:
One bin for the "donate to charity"
One bin for the "recycling bin" (metals, plastic, paper), but in my case, the recycle bin on this hard drive.
One bin for "good stuff", which I will back it up on a disk.
And finally One bin for just throw it away, delete.

Experts say that a decluttering of homes, lifestyles, schedules and probably computers bring freedom. By decluttering actual stuff, we make room for a renewal of spirit and bring a more focused simplicity to our lives.

I believe that is the case. When a person knows what they have, and can actually find it, the search and rescue phases of personal lives disappears. creating more time to spend on the important things.

I even heard where one lady found a piano in her decluttering. Now that's its found, perhaps she can make music again.

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