Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Play at the Lake

Today David and I went to Lake Joccasse to swim, snorkel and scuba dive.

Going through the local town we could see 14 businesses closed within just 1/2 a mile. A Tuesday afternoon should have been busier in town, some traffic, a few shoppers, maybe tourists.

We hear on the news things aren't looking too good for the housing market, and jobs are still very hard to come by. Will there be an economic recovery that could ever bring back "the good old days?"

Maybe the question is what makes good days? Is it money, or confidence in our future, or just enjoying life?

Today was a lot of fun, good simple fun. I don't scuba so my part was simple. Just swiming, playing with the small fish schooling by the diver's ramp, walking on the trail along the shore. I made a simple backpacking stove, and read a chapter in a book.

We stopped to buy fruits and vegetables from the local produce store. Vine ripened tomatoes, local cantaloupe, cabbage from nearby farm, and some apples. I like to support the small markets when possible.

None of this cost much and was peaceful and rewarding. Those are my goals for the future. Today I just enjoyed life.

Thoreau once wrote "What demon has possessed me that I have behaved so well?".
Perhaps, like today, the demon of contentment.

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