Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Not for Wimps

Driving cross country is not for wimps. Neither is it cheap.

The gas in Utah can be so rare, a lone station is welcomed regardless of the price. Nearly a dollar more per gallon than what I've found in eastern Wyoming, I gladly paid it rather than suffer stress as the needle neared empty. And, plus, everyone has to make a living, and the out post gas station is like a gold strike when needed.

Of course, there's the summer road construction, the cross winds and huge RVs and semi trailers three deep that cause consternation. A person just does their best, listening to good music, eating chips and drinking ice water.

I find that gas stations will generally give you free ice in your mug when you buy a tank of gas. I have water in the car.

Motels are another story. Sure, I could camp, but with no trees near I-80 and temperatures hovering in the 90s, a shower will feel wonderful. TV, coffee, and soft bed aren't to be shunned either. Just my luck I pick the exit with more construction. I'll deal in the morning. Everything is easier when you're rested.

I had a good summer in Zion. Family matters have called me home and the managers are very understanding. Of course I must see my son before he heads to Iraq.

New adventures are for next season. I never really know whats coming up next. A spontaneous life has its benefits and disadvantages.
I can only be who I am.

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