Friday, July 2, 2010

The Big Picture

They say to look at the big picture. And, a person has to focus on details.

When the information is contradictory, then you go with instincts.

There's always lots of advice, and I'm struggling here to sort it out.

Working a seasonal job is not really that easy but its very stimulating. No doubt there. New people, new location, new circumstances.

And it ends, so a person tolerates stuff just to make it to the end. Looking at the big picture, the sins of a very few aren't worth calling it quits. They are just minor details.

The big picture has the bridge in it. Whether we burn the bridge, or keep it open is important.
A bridge is the symbol of hope. Hope for a continued journey, hope for a better other side, hope for connection to further goals.
In the end none of it really matters, the race is only with myself.

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