Saturday, July 10, 2010

Gifts and Warnings

Yesterday I received a package via UPS. A manager brought it to me while I was at work. It felt like Christmas, and I tore open the package as soon as it hit my hands. My curiosity was rewarded: a red ultralight tarp weighing 7 ounces sent to me so I would have the opportunity to test this new fabric and its design features.

But, I would have to wait until I got off work to really take a good look at it.

My blog:
has 4 photos and more specs.

I love how people are always pushing the limits. The tarp has many warnings written on labels sewn to it. There are dangers associated with pushing these ultralight minimalist limits.
Many dangers are simply avoided by common sense. Don't wrap your face in a water proof tarp. You could suffocate. Don't cook or use matches anywhere near it; it will easily burn. Don't let kids play with it without supervision. It will not last forever. Retire it when its worn out.

There are also silly mistakes when no limits are pushed. People hiking in heat without any water. Weekend Warriors hiking so far they become exhausted and get lost. People starting signal fires and burning up acres of land. Playing with poisonous creatures. Trying to pet a buffalo. Silly mistakes that can cost lives.

Bottom line, a good measure of common sense and recognizing our mortality will stave off many dangers. Both of these come with age. Its up to us to teach the kids.

It never hurts to read the fine print either.

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