Friday, July 30, 2010

Dropping Like Flies

Its that time of year in the seasonal world where lots of folks are heading out.
Some are at the end of the "work agreement" a sort of paper work thing we refer to as a contract, yet the company strictly says is a work agreement.

Some are heading to other dreams for one reason or another: being bored with this location, being sick of the weather, missing home, heading back to school, hating their bosses, tired of the room mate.

Some have family emergencies, reunions or weddings. Or so they say. It doesn't matter. The two week notice is customary, polite, and allows a rehire.

Some have been "let go". Fired. Too many rules, couldn't get out of bed,

I saw this same thing last year in Yellowstone. I saw this on the trail.
They say never leave a trail in the rain. Wait until its sunny, then see if you really want to leave.
That probably applies for a seasonal job too.
Never leave when you're mad. Wait. Think about everything. The Big Picture. Sleep on it.

And when the trail gods tell you its time, you'll know it.

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