Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Dream Catcher

I finished my dream catcher, which took on the shape of a Thunder Bird because of the frame I found ( a branch which forked).

Its fun creating things, even while working at the park. Lots of found objects to work with. Making art with recycled and found objects has its appeal. Things that otherwise might find their way into a landfill can be used in many ways.

That is the dogma of a green life:
Recycle, Reuse, Reduce, Repair.

We can recycle the aluminum, plastic, glass, tin, and paper that one just keeps acquiring in daily life.

We can reuse an item. Using the plastic bag that our groceries comes in for a trash can liner. Reusing the plastic liner bag that bulk items are sold in for liners, and reusing the zip lock bag after washing it are all examples of this.

Reduce consumption of goods, like trendy clothing and impulse spending on plastic decorations for holidays. One thing I've never understood is the plastic Easter eggs hung on trees in springtime. Its junk. Its ugly. Plastic Santa clauses, like giant airbags on lawns with plastic Rudolfs and fake flowers.

And, repair. So many things are going the way of planned obsolescence. Its cheaper to buy new than pay someone to repair it. Few people know how to repair anything. Its not a skill we're taught anymore. Sewing, mending, soldering, gluing, refinishing furniture.

I say bring back old fashioned skills for a greener society.

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