Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Short Version

I've developed a mantra for life:

Past is about Lessons
Present is for Living
The Future is Opportunity

It all started out when I pondered the habit of harboring regrets and worries about normal everyday life.

I realized the past is only about the lessons we've learned. Whatever happened is over and there is no virtue in reliving it. Make whatever amends possible, then move on. But, take the lessons learned on the journey.

The Present is about living. Living in the here and now, seeing everything around us. Experiencing all the fun activities.
Take stock. All is well. Life is good, and there are always good people who would like to share it with us. In whatever place we presently are, live life fully right now. Enjoy. Its said the only animal that doesn't know life is about fun is the human being.

The Future is Opportunity. With the lessons learned, and the skill of living life now, opportunities are just around the bend. Worrying doesn't change anything. Taking advantage of opportunities does. Being open to change, to adventures, to new friends. Those opportunities will happen without any worry on my part. The great thing is I get to choose which ones to follow through on.

So, that's my short version on a positive outlook on life. A positive world view.
Working and playing here in Zion National Park a positive attitude is important.

Hanging out with positive people, hiking,writing and watching deer.