Monday, July 12, 2010

Composting for the Community Garden

I'm quite impressed with the recycling efforts in Zion.
Place around the buildings and near the parking lot are trash cans marked clearly: trash, plastics, glass, aluminum.

True, a person will still find plastic in the trash, but its a program that is saving the planet one soda bottle at a time. There are many visitors here that perhaps don't read english, which could account for some misplaced recylables.

The garbage, trimmings and plant waste produced in the kitchen and EDR are being saved into special bins and composted. Now that is great. A coworker was telling me about the fine soil it produced in the community garden in the nearby town of Springdale.
I find that especially wonderful.
Not only does it save the landfills from unnecessary waste, it becomes a benefit to the community who are growing fresh produce. This also saves transportation of food from around the state, thereby also saving the planet from petroleum pollution.
I would love to see more gardens springing up, in back yards, front yards, near the sidewalk.

In Missoula, Montana, I saw people growing vegetables instead of grass in their yards. It makes so much sense.

Providing ones family with organic produce, getting sunshine and vitamin D naturally, relieving stress, participating in an ancient skill of working the land, saving money, there are so many reasons to promote the art of gardening.

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