Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Of Tarps and Rivers

Yesterday I hiked back into the Court of the Patriarchs and played with my new tarp. I found five different ways to pitch it.
Slowly but surely I plan to share all of the information with my readers.
On my days off I love to get off to myself, where the wind and sun are all that matter.
A cool river walk is wonderful, too. Today I explored the un- pathed west side of the Virgin River.
This river is truly the life blood of Zion. Everything needs it, and it appears as if humans will tame, harness and continue to trap it in every way possible.
Even amongst remote bulrushes, a lost tennis shoe was discovered. If I had my pack, I would have picked it up.
I took photos. Tomorrow I will share them with you.
The days are split amongst the morning loveliness, cool and breezy where hiking is best.
By early afternoon when its over 100, a retreat to the river's water, or a swamp cooled dorm room is in order.
Early evening, as the sun dips behind the cliffs, once again people appear to enjoy the atmosphere and impossibly blue blue skies.

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