Monday, July 26, 2010

Flash Floods Ain't No Joke

On Saturday Evening we were treated to a nice soaking in Zion National Park. We needed the rain. Of course, we're in southern Utah.
The roof leaked a little. We wondered aloud if anyone would be up on Angel's Landing or in the Narrows.

But as the thunder and lighting flashed, the National Weather Service announced the warning:
Flash Flood Warning for Zion National Park.

Sometimes the warning comes too late, like for those already on the trail, no radio, no way of knowing. Just look at the skies.
They were blue an hour ago.

Today I heard about the hikers who fortunately survived the flood. Swept off trail, these men fell 40 feet, then an additional 60 feet.

Flash Flood in Zion Injures 3

Last week they warned us about the heat. Stay inside, stay hydrated. Heat stroke and exhaustion were very real. Its still hot. My suggestion: if you want to hike, do it before 10 a.m or after a late supper.

Like my Mom used to say: If it isn't one thing, its another.

I rented three movies for my days off.

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