Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Narrows in July

I'm realizing I may not get another chance to hike the Narrows. We're in the "Monsoon Season". Thunderstorms anywhere in the region can result in slot canyons having a flash flood.

In this short clip, I climbed a steep hill within the Narrows to avoid a deep section which would have been above my head. Because I had my camcorder, I decided not to swim and risk its destruction. At the top of this hill there was a sweet little natural spring.

I've enjoyed my hikes here, so different from anything previous experiences. Walking a river bed for miles, knowing a flash flood could suddenly sweep a person away along with trees and boulders is quite an adventure. I'm very glad I hiked it early, and alone, for the full effects.

There are some that say risking life and health are just not worth doing. But, I like Thoreau's saying : We sit more risks than we run.

My drive home in two weeks will be way more risky than anything I've done here.

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