Friday, July 8, 2011

Activities with the Grandson

This  summer I got a chance to spend time out west with the family. My grandson and I are painting this stool, he is doing all the trucks in Boy Fashion. I did the brown base paint, and the clear acrylic sealer over all.
First my daughter found three truck cookie cutters. I traced the truck shapes onto a top sheet of paper, then stacked 3 more sheets with it. I cut the paper shapes out with a scissors, put tape on the back and had my boy place them on the green stool. Then I spray painted the stool brown.
We removed the paper shapes and he painted the  trucks which were greenish. I outlined his work, and he enhanced the trucks with other colors. We allowed it all to dry, and finished it with a spray acrylic. His name and hand prints are painted on the top as well.

When I got home from my Out West adventure, I wrote Everything Except Corn Pasta, the book about trail food, trail stories, and ultralight cooking. Today I put it on sale as a way to say thanks for reading this blog.

This photo was taken up in Muir Hut on the Pacific Crest Trail. We'd stopped there to cook some hot lunch after slugging through snow all morning. 192 miles from Kennedy Meadows to Vermilion Valley Resort, including the side trip to Mt. Whitney without a resupply.  Food was pretty rationed out.

Everything Except Corn Pasta is 25% off for a limited time available at Kindle.  Kindle for PCs has a free download.

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