Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Town Day Update

I went to town today, my one day a week I actually go in to shop.
Things are sorta strange. I read the story of the second bank here in town that went under in 18 months. Seems they were heavily invested in real estate loans that just weren't working. Seems they weren't able to raise enough capital to stay afloat.

Other businesses have gone under. Two new restaurants are trying to make a go in the same building others just failed in.
I hope they make it, a pizza joint, and a bar and grill.

I love the library and thrift stores, checking out the books and reading the newspaper. Talking to friends who do town the same day I do.

Its tourist season for us here. Gas prices are dropping every time I go in. Still, its 25 cents per gallon cheaper if I go into a different town same distance away.

Choices. Choices to keep our own people in business, even if it costs just a bit more. I know I'm buying from local markets instead of Walmart if I can. Just to spread the money around a little.

We do what we can.

Stay tuned for more gear sales. I updated the page, and will blog about the four new items tomorrow.
Happy trails, ya'll.

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