Monday, July 18, 2011

Pimp My Ride

I'm still driving my Geo Metro. I've had it since 1999 when it was only three years old and had only 6,000 miles on it. Right now, it has 127,852 miles and going strong.
Just to celebrate, I decided to gift it with a necklace. Looking around the homestead, I found this turquoise and sinew combination and thought, yeah, that works.

Gotta pimp my ride.
Now experts tell us it costs about 40 cents a mile to keep a car.
That may be true. I decided to figure  out what I spend on my ride yearly.

Going back these last 11 years, I find I spend for car insurance, tags and taxes just under $400.
Four oil changes add another $100. General upkeep like tires, battery, air filter, brakes, muffler, distributor, new hoses and belts for prevention, have run me less than $500 a year, way less.
Bottom line, for under $1,000 I keep this baby running and still get 45 mpg. I really like having my own car. I can do $1,000 a year.
How can a person complain about that?
She's getting old so I don't worry about anyone stealing her. Still, I lock the doors when I go places, especially on  road trips.

I'm averaging 10,000 miles of driving a year. That sounds like 10 cents a mile to me. I know, I know. Its a Geo. If I had a 2009 truck, it would be costing plenty.

Guess I'm living within my means, or even below my means. There's freedom in this lifestyle. Freedom from doing stuff I don't want to do. Freedom to go places I want to go.
Is this a subliminal message to our government?
You bet.


  1. It seems that you've really kept your car in good condition if you're only spending that much to keep it up and running. Good luck and I hope that it continues to run as good as new.

    Ivo Beutler