Friday, July 15, 2011

The Bag Lady

Sewing is a hobby of mine, a passion. Seems like a lot of my projects are backpacking and outdoor related.
These bags are examples.

The gray water sack is so light and small. Testing water sacks led me to believe a smaller opening would be better, than say the one in the photo below. Friends told me the smaller opening made for easier pouring. They also set them on the ground to warm in the sun. This one holds 3 quarts.

The green bag with the black strap sewn into the side is based on the hiking we did up in Glacier National Park and the Bob Marshal Wilderness.
Each morning we would pack our snacks into this ditty bag, thread it onto the hip belt. The rest would go in the Garcia Bear Canister, which was then locked and loaded into the bottom of my pack. Hard to get to for lunch and snack breaks, especially if it was raining.
So, this belt loop bag came in handy.
If you're making your own gear, just add the black web strap when you're sewing the side seam and be sure to reinforce. Sometimes upwards of three pounds could be in this pouch.

I also use one when I'm doing huge miles and don't want to stop for lunch. I just slow my pace and snack out of the belt bag.

I found that the blue bag is good for things you need to find easily. Blue stands out in the forest. Nothing is naturally blue except the sky and water. This bag is ideal for the hygiene bag or whatever.
The tiny plastic bags are what I use for my Ibuprofen, salt or cinnamon. Pretty handy.

If you're interested in getting this set, see the sales page  All three bags weigh just 1 3/8 ounces.
$12 includes shipping.

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