Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bag Set and Ultralight Gaiters-Sale Items

Set includes:
black stuff sack 9 x 15.5
green stuff sack 7 x 10.5
blue stuff sack 9 x 14
blue ditty bag 8.5 x 7 (good for stove sets)
black ditty bag 4 x 4.25 (good for wallets)
blue stake bag
gray ultralight gaiters, custom
8 3 x 6 inch resealable plastic bags
8 2 x 3 inch resealable plastic bags

This whole set weighs a total of 3 and 7/8 ounces. Made with first quality 1.3 ounce silnylon, seams all double rolled for strength.

I made these ultralight gaiters to fit inside a 3 x 6 inch resealable bag. They only weigh 28 grams, yes, just one ounce. Made with 1.3 ounce silnylon. My prototype here is designed for simplicity and long wear:seams are double rolled, top cinches with an elastic drawcord. The bottom laces are removable and replaceable because they thread through loops and are not sewn in permanently. They are 9 inches wide, and 11.5 inches tall.

To keep the weight low and the gear maintenance free, no zippers, buckles or Velcro is used.
Good for early snowfalls, muggy rainy weather on the AT, keeping small rocks and sand out of the shoes in the desert. Because they are so light, you can just throw them in the pack without wasting space.

As with all prototypes, just one set of gaiters available. Set is $25 and includes shipping.
See Sales Page  for ordering information.

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