Sunday, July 31, 2011

One Lucky Woman

Luck is the frosting on the cake of life. I live in a deep forest, have a studio and share a lovely mountain home with a wonderful man who I love to pieces. I am one lucky woman.

My studio is a metal building 12 x 16 which has been insulated, panelled and carpeted.

There is a lot of wild life too. Yesterday morning I watched a fawn run up and down the trail frisky as a pup. It was hilarious because she wouldn't venture into the clearing. Each trip up and back, her little tail would be flipping back and forth.
The day before that, we had four deer in the yard. I took some footage, and enjoyed watching them for half an hour. Then, I got down to my writing.

There are many bears in our neighborhood. My man has various trail camera which capture photos when movement is detected. We have noted at least 7 different bears. One mother and her two cubs are cute as can be. They seem to prefer the spring trail. Others are thinner, younger and have some scars. After examining the read end photos, we now know there is a small female, and a small male out there as well.
The bear in this photo is 3 feet at the shoulder. You can see his scar.

The seldom seen bobcat was caught coming up the driveway.

So far no snakes have been seen in the yard. That's pretty unusual. Normally we have at least one poisonous sighting.

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