Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Day of Gifts

I found this little boardwalk up to a lovely waterfall while hiking to the Temple of Sinawava. I never expected to see this little treasure spot. No one was there, either. Its between shuttle bus stops, too, so unless you're walking, you'd probably miss it as well. Its not even on the waterproof map of Zion National Park.
I got mail today. One envelope had a check from "my" gallery, which sadly is changing hands. Thanks Janette, for everything.
I found 65 cents, and speakers for my laptop on the Free table in the laundry room.
I read from a book my friend sent me from Yellowstone, about Yellowstone.
Life is full of gifts.
Thank you Trail Gods.
This frugal survivalist appreciates all the gifts that come my way.
And I'm not too proud to pick up a penny, either.

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