Monday, June 21, 2010

Day Trip to Bryce Canyon National Park

and I took a day trip to
National Park.
In order to get through Mt. Carmel Tunnel before the daily construction began we set the alarm for 6 a.m. After eating a good EDR breakfast, we headed out. Two hours later we entered Bryce Canyon.
At the Visitor's Center we learned a park wide free shuttle bus is optional, but encouraged to save on congestion and polution. We parked, and rode. Getting off at Sunset Point, we decided to go first into the canyon. 2.4 miles later we were back on top at Sunrise Point. What can I say? It was marvelous. Never forget the water. There is not a drop down there.
Then we hiked along the rim trail up to Inspiration Point. Very inspiring, a 360 degree view of pillars and hoodoos (that's the actual name for these desert sculptures).
We stopped in Bryce Canyon Lodge gift shop, looked around, then headed for home. Zion is feeling like home now: friends, good job, good room, good food, and a backyard to die for.

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