Saturday, June 12, 2010

Trail to Grotto

This is one of my favorite trails in Zion, if for no other reason it leads to the crossroads for many others. On the Lodge side of the road, the east side, this trail is six tenths of a mile, leads to the picnic area where there are picnic tables, bathrooms, and a shuttle bus stop.
Crossing the road you have access to the river trails, heading both north and south, both of which are dirt. Crossing the bridge, you can head south to the Emerald Pools by way of grotto trail, or heading north you can hike up to Scouts Landing, Angel's Landing, or even further to the West Rim Trail.
But, back to this nice little .6 mile trail. I find deer feeding along the path many mornings. There are neat rock formations, its not crowded and its pretty level and straightforward.
Last night it rained, and the temperatures are in the 60's. Pretty nice.

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