Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Narrows of Zion

Rainmaker and I hiked up into the Narrows today. The Narrows of Zion National Park begin (or end depending on your perspective) where the Riverside Trail ends. They were closed due to high volume of water until just last week. Now, with a day off work I looked forward to experiencing the reality of this trail heading up through the North Fork of the Virgin River into a narrow passage through the canyon.

We hiked upstream, cliffs rising majestically on both sides, the water a cool 61 degrees. At times it was waist deep, other times we merely waded. Once in awhile we walked on boulders, other times dry sand.

Most wore shorts, a few of us long pants, a very few wore bikinis. There were a couple small girls, lots of teens and mostly young fit adults. One can rent shoes and poles from a Zion Adventure Company for this very purpose. I wore my New Balance trail shoes.

Cameras in tow, we fought a strong current while crossing side to side, following groups of people who were following others. Actually, I was surprised how many were on this trail.

I hope to go again this summer, work permitting. As the water level drops and the temperatures climb, it should be possible to get all the way back to the waterfall, past which one can not go upriver.

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