Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fallen Heroes

These flowers will soon be shriveled and blown away in the wind. I'm not sure if they had enough time to grow viable seed within their short life times.
Somebody decided to pick them while hiking in Zion National Park. Somebody decided it wasn't enough just to enjoy their beauty for a short time. Somebody couldn't just walk on by and allow the flowers to continue living happily, soaking up sunshine, surviving on the little moisture available, producing seeds to further their species.
I remember picking flowers when I was a child. Back in those days, we didn't hear about global warming, or revegetation. Our mothers were happy to recieve the gift. I guess most of these were dandilions, or marigolds grown in the garden.
So, I'm not saying this is evil, just an outdated concept, unnecessary, perhaps simply a spontaneous reaction.
I hope we can evaluate before we take action with such long lasting consequences. Look beyond the immediate gratification of picking the flower in its prime, using it for our personal need, then casting it aside in the dirt.
Its just a simple thing. Just about respecting the beauty without having to physically own it.

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