Sunday, June 6, 2010

Where the Deer Feed

This morning before work, and before the heat of the day, I went down the Grotto Trail, on the Lodge side of the road. I was looking for deer. They have a couple favorite spots, off the beaten paths, and sure enough, this young doe was browsing on leaves. She didn't seem to mind my photography efforts. I spoke to her, and she didn't run.

Now lizards are a whole 'nother creature. I'd like to get a picture before I leave this fall, but so far none have sat still long enough.

Today was a good day. I enjoyed my co workers, cooked on the Line, trained my replacement, and didn't even feel tired. Now, that's almost like having fun!

I guess its all about knowing where to look, and when. Travel down the right path, at the right time and the trail gods will grant your desire.

Least, that's how I'm chalking up today's goodness.

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