Friday, June 18, 2010

The Free Table

This is a picture of a "free" table. People who are sick of stuff, or done with stuff, or just basically don't want to pack it up and take on the road with them, donate it to the table.
There are some pretty good books to be found, items of clothing, sometimes a board game or empty jugs for water.
Every once in awhile someone will "clean house" and dispose of stuff that's been sitting around for a long time.
Every dorm has its laundry room, and that's where some free tables are found. Other dorms have free boxes near the lounge. Just depends on who starts the box, and if HR approves.
They say the best things in life are free. I've been pondering that.
What are the best things in life?
Love. That's not really free. There's much emotional work and a measure of selflessness that goes with real love.
One must invest time. That's not free either. If it were, we would all stock up on it as much as possible. Seems like there's never enough time. Sometimes we even try to buy time : using convenience foods, multitasking, postponing domestic tasks in an effort to grab a few extra minutes of "free time." And when there is "free time", doing nothing, accomplishing nothing specific brings guilt.
One of the best things in life are children. They sure aren't free. There should be a lot of investment in them. Not so much the material things but the things that matter like time and love.
One of the best things in life is your health. That sure isn't free. I don't think a single person, especially an older person would dispute that.
So, I've come to the conclusion that the best things aren't free. They actually require the most, and that's a commitment to give the best of yourself.

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