Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hidden Canyon with Rainmaker

This morning before work,
and after a good breakfast in the EDR, I enjoyed a hike up in Hidden Canyon with Rainmaker.

It was cool and we passed only one couple until the return trip.

The trail has some chains embedded in the side of the canyon wall where one may grab ahold to aid in climbing, decending and generally avoid death.

A couple mountain bikers tried to use the trail, but I found my "voice" and told them it wasn't allowed. The sign clearly shows a red X through the bike picture.
There's also a sign warning of possible death, and that others have died on that trail.

Hidden Canyon doesn't seem that scarey, though. Some pavement, some drop offs. Not a place to be caught in a flash flood. Basically I felt today we escaped injury, Angels Landing is death.

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