Thursday, June 3, 2010

It Always Gets Better

A friend on the trail once told me she always felt optimistic when the day started out rotten. She said she knew things were going to get better that day.
Yesterday was so sweet, I knew today would have to be hard. If all the days were good, we would become weak, wouldn't know how to look inward for our strength.
Or evaluate our goals.
And just when I get so tired of all the games, rules and nonsence, ready to give up, a beautiful day comes along.
I like the changing tides. I like the surprises. But there must also be the knowledge that it ends, and we are the masters of our destinies.
Right now I'm cooking for employees in Zion. Its not easy. Everyone likes different things, and the menus rotate over and over every eleven days. So, there are complaints, and people forget its self serve. That also means self-bussing. Yeah, your mom doesn't work here.
So, maybe its time to just lay it out there. I'm getting bored.
But, tomorow will be better. Has to be.

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