Sunday, June 27, 2010

Twenty Pounds of Ground Beef

You start with twenty pounds of ground beef. Hopefully thawed. Then, recipe in hand, hunt down the spices, milk, Panco ( a type of very fine bread crumb which comes in fifty pound bags), and onions.

Yes, I'm making meat loaf for front of house. Its going in two hotel pans, making four long loaves, and has to be cooked by service time. All doable. I've done this before. Somehow the guy training me thinks its rocket science.

Just another day of work, in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Rainmaker and I compare notes, and there are just too many hikes that are right up there with the best: Angel's Landing, Observation Point, Hidden Canyon, and don't forget the Narrows.

He flies back to Georgia soon, I'll be able to revisit these places before my contract ends. Especially the Narrows. It should be quite different in August.

People still come and go: fired, transferred, newly hired, newly initiated into the whys and ways of seasonal work.

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