Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Zion Lizard

This little guy was so accommodating, stopping every few feet while I climbed the stairs to my dorm, that I was finally able to share a photo with you.
The lessons of patience. The trail gods smiling down on me. A day off from work yielding so many pleasures.
I hiked up and into Hidden Canyon this morning. It actually has no outlet, and one would be in dire straits if a flash flood would thunder through. From the Weeping Rock trailhead, its only 2.4 mile round trip.
As usual I got an early start. Always recommended cause then you have the place to yourself, or nearly so.
I took a lot of footage while scrambling over rocks and holding onto safety chains. Loved it. Felt like Brawny again.
Walking back, I met several groups of people who were destined to converge on the Arch at the end of Hidden Canyon together.
I like the strength I feel while hiking alone. I also like greeting people who are on their own journeys of discovery.
Zion National Park is my classroom this summer.

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