Saturday, June 19, 2010

Emerald Pools with Rainmaker

This morning we hiked up to Emerald Pools. Even with an "early start" after breakfast there were many other hikers. A lot of kids too, some with little hiking poles.

By turning left after the main North Fork Virgin River bridge, we ascended first to the middle pools. Then, threading our way through the crowds, we took another left and headed up to the upper falls. The water fall had all but dried up. It was cool, much cooler there. Shady, water, and good sitting rocks were taken advantage of by yours truly.

Then, after due time, we descended down path ways, rock steps, between massive three story boulders, to the junction with Kayenta Trail (heading north to the Grotto area) and the lower falls trail. The lower falls actually is a raining -dripping event which felt wonderful in the heat. Rainmaker had his High Definition camera tucked under his shirt for protection.

I really enjoy hiking early mornings because the trails are less crowded, and the shade is so comfortable for viewing this fantastic place. Today, a Saturday in mid June, many people were out early with their families enjoying it as well. Its good to see the children here.

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