Friday, June 25, 2010

A Friend is Forever

Rainmaker is a great photographer. He's forgotten more than I ever knew about cameras. Like, I never knew a the larger the digital photograph, the less sharp the details would be. Or, the harder to send off with the intermittent Internet we experience sometimes.

Or, if I set it to " snow and beach" I won't have so much glare on the cliffs.
By watching him, I learn to pan a little slower, take some time to get acquainted with my camera, and basically, bring my reading glasses to read the menu on this thing.

Still, it beats using a disposable camera: the dinosaur of the photographer's world. I used to love them because they are cheap and have so little commitment or investment.

But, as we discussed, the best things are not free. A little time investment, a little emotional investment, goes a long ways. Some cash investment doesn't hurt either.

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