Saturday, June 5, 2010

To Everything there Is A Season

With temperatures hovering near 100 degrees, I just want to remember some snow. They tell me it will get at least 10 degrees warmer in July.

To everything there is a season, and a time, under heaven.

Today I met the guy I'll train to replace me in the EDR. The Chef says to do a good job. Then, I can move to the Line. It will be seriously hot there, facing the "window" or place the plates get put when they are ready to be sent out. At arms reach, under that shelf like set up, with heating elements above, is counters and all sorts of additions for the plating.

Behind me will be grill (or broiler, they call it) flat top (where we place Talapia, trout, arrowhead chicken breasts, grilled cheeses). That station, I'm informed is for the "broiler bitch". Male or Female.

Then, behind the "wheel man" is a deep fryer, gas burners going constantly, and farther down the line is the "saute" station, with more hot boxes, gas burners, and stuff I've yet to learn.

Of course there are cold drawers for keeping all this fresh meat and condiments cold and at arms reach, and hot steam tables for keeping all the hot sides ready to plate.

So, its going to be hot work. I am looking forward to it. Making beautiful plates of scrumptious food for each diner.

Maybe I'm not a burned out cook. Maybe I just need a new station.

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