Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Indispensable Internet

The Internet has become nearly indispensable. Here I sit in my dorm room, online, e-mailing, researching, chatting, downloading photos, making videos for YouTube, editing this picture of the Narrows for my blog.

Then, I was wondering about the Oil Spill in the Gulf, and found my answers. Not Solved. Hidden agendas, fears, money. As always, we learn it is far worse than they told us.

Also, I was wondering about new health finds. Brazil is loosing the battle of the bulge, kids in Africa are still dying in spite of our efforts, skin cancer on the rise.

And, closer to home, I was wondering how much information was available on how to make your own backpacking gear. With the economy still in the trash can, every penny saved is a penny earned. And who can find a job to earn a few pennies anyways? I'm here in Zion working until September by choice. I could work longer if I wanted to, but family matters call.

I found this link, a valuable link for anyone who wants projects for the kids, or yourself. A person could start making Christmas gifts now, or birthday gifts. Or, just use these ideas to save money on outdoor gear regardless of pending holidays.

So, I am happy for the Internet. Some folks are still resisting the 21st century by refusing to become www savy. I like it. What can I say?

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