Sunday, June 13, 2010

Zion Activities

The shuttle bus is pretty important in Zion. No other traffic is allowed except park rangers, polices, ambulances.

We park employees may drive our vehicles up to the Lodge which has the same parking lot as our dorms. Of course, window stickers and Employee IDs must verify that we are indeed employed here.

The shuttle bus runs frequently beginning before 8 a.m and ending around 11 p.m. They are free to ride as often as you like. That's pretty cool cause you can catch a ride up to the Temple and hike that paved trail and catch the bus back. Or, ride it to the various trail heads in the park, do the trail, then jump back on the bus to the next one.

During the mid morning to mid afternoon rush, they actually come every 7 minutes. On the front of each one is a place to load bikes or kayaks. Very user friendly.

The one I road back from the Visitors center had a recording with a nice voice describing all the views and landmarks as we road past. Gave the driver more time to focus on the road. According to a sign I saw, a bus is not allowed to pass bicycles. If you're on a bike and you want the bus to pass, you must pull over and stop.

Good rules to follow to keep everyone safe, comfortable, and accommodated in your National Park.

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